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Försvarets materielverk

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FMVs portal för stödlogistik


Safety data sheets (SDB)

This site is used for publishing safety data sheets (SDB) .

The documents are PDF copies from the originals in the system PRIO.

To get help about searching and printing the documents, click the guidance link to the right.

Use the search box below to enter your search terms

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M0734-202038_LÖDPASTA 33860305_A23008022018-12-11 15:27:077
M0726-101420_BRONSLOD_A11050092018-10-24 15:27:353
M0734-202038_LÖDPASTA 665-020_A03008012007-05-23 08:02:423
M0734-202038_Verzinnungspaste 6082_ 4082_ 3082_A13008042013-08-21 10:19:013
HÅPLAPP211_Plastic Padding Härdare Gul_A465162015-05-18 13:44:063
M0726-101125_Gassvetstråd H-44_A01050012017-06-28 14:15:514
M0724-287038_Plastic Padding Härdare Gul_A21028552018-01-24 12:42:30
M0728-806056_Pattex PP Chem Elastic Comp A_A3898132019-12-06 10:30:354
M0724-872239_BFGOODRICH PATCH PRIMER_A01030102020-03-13 14:32:453
M0724-178314_LOCTITE EA 9309_3NA AERO PART B_A11027642015-08-25 15:25:413